Essential Oil Of Sage 50mg

Essential Oil Of Sage 50mg

  • 50mg Capsule
  • Easy to swallow capsule
  • Made to GMP standards

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Sage is often described as a gentle phytoestrogen and has been used traditionally for hundreds of years. 

Sarah Dinshaw
Sales Manager


Sage - 50mg

Sage is a silvery-green shrub with very fragrant leaves. The most commonly cultivated species of sage originally came from the area around the Mediterranean but now also grows in North America. The leaves of this common kitchen herb are used in medicine as well as in cooking.

Formulated in an easy to swallow capsule free from artificial colours, preservatives, yeast, gluten or lactose.

Directions and Ingredients


2 per day


Sunflower Oil, Essential Oil of Sage (Salvia lavendulaefolia)  Gelatine, Capsule Shell: Glycerin,water.

Nutrient Average per serving % NRV*
Essential Oil of Sage 50mg N/A
*Nutrient Reference Value

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  1. Essential oil of sage
    Review by Ness

    Brilliant!! (Posted on 02/10/2018)

  2. Amazing product ????
    Review by Angie

    After reading the reviews I thought I would give these a try having suffered with the most awful hot flushes. Within two days of taking them the flushes were gone. I know when I've missed taking a tablet as I can feel the flushes creeping back. These tables are brilliant and I've been recommending them to all my menopausal friends!!! (Posted on 26/01/2018)

  3. Sage oil
    Review by CAROLE

    Taken several different things from Doctors for severe Hot Flushes nothing worked. Benn taking Sage Oil for bout 3 months now, went totally after about 2 months (Posted on 03/12/2017)

  4. Thesereally work.
    Review by Sue

    Having just about tried everything for my hot flushes (and getting desperate!) I decided to give these a go. They are wonderful, no more hot flushes! (Posted on 12/05/2017)

  5. Yeo
    Review by Carole

    Combined with B6 I take one a day, after a moths build up my hot flushes stopped completely, I then felt confident I didn't need them and Bang the flushes came straight back! Awesome product. (Posted on 10/10/2016)

  6. Miracle capsules for menopausal women
    Review by Monica

    Starting taking these 3 days ago. Have not had one hot flush since. I was sweating buckets so much so I had to take a towel with me everywhere. Not had to use it once in 3 days to wipe my sweat. Miracle capsules... (Posted on 04/08/2016)

  7. Bannish Hot Flushes
    Review by Sandra

    These sage capsules are marvellous for getting rid of hot flushes/heavy perspiration in menopause.
    (Posted on 01/07/2016)

  8. Fantastic
    Review by Deborah Gilbert

    I have been taking sage for some years now for my hot flushes , I have tried the drops and tablets both of which really helped but these gel capsules seem to work the best for me . the number of flushes have been drastically reduced and the few I do get are much less intense and don't last as long. My life was an absolute misery before someone recommended sage to me , the waistband on my jeans was permanently damp and I was barely getting any sleep and was having 30 + flushes a day , now I only get a few very mild ones per day (Posted on 15/05/2016)

  9. Summers
    Review by Jane

    No more hot flushes. Great. (Posted on 18/04/2016)

  10. No hot flushes
    Review by A C

    Great for digestion, but also for reducing hot flushes and perspiration (just don't get them now!) I take mine morning and evening with Soy Isoflavones. Excellent. (Posted on 05/06/2015)

  11. Recommended for menopause
    Review by ACD

    Read that sage was great for helping with hot flushes. Haven't had any since taking these supplements. (Posted on 31/05/2015)

  12. Help with flushes
    Review by Lesley

    I have been taking 2 per day for the last couple of weeks. My hot flushes have decreased significantly in this time. Would recommend. (Posted on 08/04/2015)

  13. sage oil capsules
    Review by Su

    I used these for years when younger to help with pre-period emotional days. On becoming perimenopausal the sage defiantly eased some of the more troublesome symptoms for me. I've tried taking sage in other formats (drops) but these capsules are by far the easiest and most pleasant way to ingest it. (Posted on 11/03/2015)

  14. prevention
    Review by Rachael

    I take one tablet daily to prevent/help symptoms (Posted on 10/03/2015)

  15. it works
    Review by D Hill

    Took sage capsules to help with menopausal hot flushes. Definitely reduced frequency of flushes! (Posted on 29/01/2015)

  16. good value
    Review by Denise hill

    Used sage capsules to help with menopausal hot flushes. Definitely reduced the frequency of flushes. (Posted on 29/01/2015)

  17. 5 stars
    Review by VH Cockburn

    I really don't know how I would of coped without these Sagecaps, I am ever sceptical but they were recommended by an aunt and I am pleased to say they practicallystopped my hot flushes and the awfulnight sweats. (Posted on 23/03/2014)

  18. 5 stars
    Review by B Mcfazdean

    Just starting on the menopause very early, I am experiencing hot flushes and night time sweats. Spoke to my doctor who said that he does not me want to go down the medication route as yet, and neither do I symptons are awful and uncomfortable. I have read in great detail about various products and sage seems to be the one with the most "science behind" (Posted on 19/02/2014)

  19. 5 stars
    Review by Bev Clegg

    I started taking this after a friend recommended it. My hot flushes & night sweats stopped within 3 weeks! (Posted on 06/11/2013)

  20. 5 stars

    Don't expect it to work straight away, I would say after probably a couple of months you will see a definitely see an improvement. It's so good to sleep properly again, my uncomfortable night sweats have all but gone. (Posted on 03/11/2013)

  21. 5 stars
    Review by julie eccles

    I started taking this sage oil a month ago. I was having up to 15 hot flushes/night sweats daily. In the past 11 days I haven't had one ! (Posted on 17/06/2012)

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