Plant Sterols 800mg (90) + Cod Liver Oil 550mg (90)

Plant Sterols 800mg (90) + Cod Liver Oil 550mg (90)

  • Plant Sterols 800mg x 90 £10.98
  • + Cod Liver Oil 550mg x 90 for 1 penny!
  • Plant Sterols lower/reduce cholesterol
  • EPA/DHA Support heart function
  • EPA/DHA Support normal blood pressure

90 + 90  
90 + 90


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Penny Sale heart health bundle! Buy Plant Sterols 800mg (90 Tablets) and we'll include Cod Liver Oil 550mg (90 Capsules) for just 1 penny! An unbeatable offer that suports heart health, can help lower/reduce high cholesterol and maintain normal blood pressure

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Plant Sterols 800mg


Plant Sterols are similar in structure to the body's own cholesterol and act in a similar way in plant cell membranes as cholesterol does in our own human cells.

Due to the structural similarity, plant sterols are able to block the absorbtion of dietary cholesterol in the small intestine, without being absorbed themselves. Plant sterols have been shown to support the maintenance of normal blood cholesterol levels

Cod Liver Oil is a naturally occurring fish oil which has been used for generations to promote numerous health benefits. All Zipvit fish oils and sourced from unpolluted sustainable North Atlantic waters. Cod Liver Oil is an excellent source of EPA & DHA (Omega 3 Fatty Acids) which contribute to the maintenance of normal blood pressure, normal brain function and normal vision as well as Vitamins A & D which supports the maintenance of normal skin, function of the immune system as well as playing a role in the maintenance of normal bones and muscle function.

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