Plant Sterols 800mg

Plant Sterols 800mg

  • Proven to Lower Cholesterol
  • Blocks absorption of dietary cholesterol
  • Vegetarian friendly
  • Supports maintenance of normal blood cholesterol levels
  • 2-3 tablets per day

  • 90 Tablets


  • 360 Tablets





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Plant Sterols contribute to the maintenance of normal blood Cholesterol. Cholesterol is a risk factor in the development of coronary heart disease.

Sarah Dinshaw
Sales Manager


Plant Sterols 800mg


Plant Sterols are similar in structure to the body's own cholesterol and act in a similar way in plant cell membranes as cholesterol does in our own human cells.

Due to the structural similarity, plant sterols are able to block the absorbtion of dietary cholesterol in the small intestine, without being absorbed themselves. Plant sterols have been shown to support the maintenance of normal blood cholesterol levels


Directions and Ingredients


2-3 per day


Plant Sterols Phyosterol 95%, Calcium Hydrogen Phosphate,  Bulking Agent: Microcrystalline Cellulose, Croscermellose Sodium Sillica-Collodial Ahydrous, Magnesium Stearate.

Nutrient Average per serving % NRV*
Plant Sterols 800mg N/A
*Nutrient Reference Value

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  1. Excellent and done the job
    Review by Julian Davidson

    When I was first diagnosed with high Cholesterol I was put on Statins and told that if I didn't get on with them they would try a different kind, then I thought of all the expensive foods with the cholesterol reducing properties, figured out it was Sterols doing the job and decided to cut out the expensive middleman and have been taking these ever since, much to the annoyance of my GP, who'd much rather I have Statins, but simply cant argue with the results. (Posted on 16/07/2017)

  2. Proof that Plant Sterols work
    Review by Michael

    I am a 54yr old male had my cholesterol checked about 8 weeks ago and was pretty shocked to find that my bad chl was 6.4 and my good chl was 4.6.The doctor wanted to put me on a low dose statin .I decided to give the statin a miss and instead go the natural way to see how i would get on.I started taking Plant sterols 3 times a day with my meals along with cutting out all the sweet stuff and cut down on processed food we tend to eat. I added omega 3 and hawthorn berry. Had my cholesterol checked last week again and just got the results this morning my LDI (bad) is down to 2.1 my HDL (good) is 1.3 and my triglycerides are down to 0.5 total cholesterol 3.6. I was really pleased there is an answer to lots of medical problems in nature folks do your research and give nature a chance. Another amazing product from Zipvit. (Posted on 09/02/2017)

  3. Plant Sterols
    Review by Craig Bees

    Was told my cholesterol was too high on my annual checkup. Have been taking these for a few weeks now and slowly my cholesterol is coming down. I haven't really cut out the offending foods, so I suppose the results would be even better if I had. Will continue to take this and check the results, but certainly on the face of it, this works (Posted on 06/09/2016)

  4. Brilliant
    Review by Jacqueline

    My nurse was threatening to put me on statins so I started taking these and my cholesterol levels dropped enough that she said I wouldn't need them. (Posted on 26/07/2016)

  5. They definitely work
    Review by Irene

    I am currently taking a daily statin for my cholesterol and my GP wanted me to double the amount. I refused and found these wonderful tablets instead. In 3 months my cholesterol has gone from 4.7 to 3.9 taking two tablets daily. In my opinion Zipvits are the most competitively priced supplement company and the quality is really good. (Posted on 06/05/2016)

  6. Ker
    Review by Moira

    They work!
    My husband has been taking them for some time to avoid the statins the doctor gave him, which gave him severe side effects. These seem to be keeping his cholesterol levels quite reasonable. So much better than pumping yourself with chemicals and nasty additives. (Posted on 15/12/2015)

  7. Good value.
    Review by Beryl

    These are good for keeping my cholesterol in control. (Posted on 05/10/2015)

  8. top product
    Review by Andrew

    This is my second order far better than those mini bottles from the supermarket as they have sugar in them and I am type 2 diabetic on insulin so these don't mess my blood tests up (Posted on 09/07/2015)

  9. Excellent!
    Review by Alison

    My husband swears by these for his cholesterol and they work very well! (Posted on 13/06/2015)

  10. First timer
    Review by Ray

    This is my first time using Zipvit I normally use SS but the price from Zipvit was £13 cheaper than SS .
    Delivery took 3 days just started using the Plant Sterols to maintain my cholesterol levels. Will defiantly use Zipvit again. (Posted on 06/06/2015)

    Review by Eddie

    They work AND Zipvit provide the ideal price and the ideal service. (Posted on 03/06/2015)

  12. good value
    Review by amanda

    good value, swift delivery. product seems good quality. (Posted on 24/04/2015)

  13. Excellent product
    Review by Moira

    I give this to my husband to keep him off statins. He was put on statins by our GP and had awful side effects. I never wanted him to take them anyway, and he seems to keep well now using Plant Sterols instead. The Zipvit product is very good value too compared with other mail order supplement companies. (Posted on 12/03/2015)

  14. W
    Review by Pat

    So much easier than special margarines or drinks to help keep my cholesterol in check. (Posted on 10/03/2015)

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