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Raspberry Ketone Extract 250mg

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Special Price: £4.99


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Raspberry ketones, members of a group of nutrients called polyphenols, have been used for years to add flavour and smell foods.

Directions and Ingredients


2 per day before a meal


Raspberry Ketone Extract (20%), Bulking Agent: Microcrystalline Cellulose, Capsule Shell: Gelatin, Flow Agent: Magnesium Stearate.

Nutrient Average per serving % NRV*
Raspberry Ketone Extract 250mg N/A
*Nutrient Reference Value

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  1. Work well. I have no problem with them
    Review by Vivian A.C.

    Great price and fast delivery. (Posted on 12/11/2016)

  2. very good product
    Review by michelle

    Fast delivery and brilliant service as always (Posted on 21/04/2016)

  3. Excellent
    Review by Anne

    I buy all my vitamins from Zipvit, especially the raspberry ketone and Glucosamine, also recommend them to friends because I believe they are genuine products at a reasonable price. (Posted on 04/04/2015)

  4. Very good
    Review by Vanessa

    I always buy my Raspberry Ketone from ZIPVIT there excellent valve for money and fantastic quality. Also I seem to have maintained my weight while taking them too!. (Posted on 20/03/2015)

  5. 5 stars
    Review by MrsJ

    Weight loss. Started taking this and noticed a decrease in appetite - stopped picking at food between meals. Lost 3lb in the first week and am losing at least 1-2lb per week. Really pleased and have recommended them to friends and family. (Posted on 16/06/2014)

  6. 5 stars
    Review by James B

    Right let's get this straight, there is NO SUCH THING AS A MAGIC PILL!!! Sorry to burst your bubble but there isn't. Raspberry Ketone is one of the leading products for speeding up metabolism. Much like Green Tea. And for good reason, it does. It's taken from raspberries obviously, granted you could eat raspberries and get the same effect. However dosage? Are you getting enough? Are you taking too much? Raspberries go moldy, very quickly. Most of our daily lives things are in demand NOW, we live in a fast moving society so what is easier than a supplement that you can put in your mouth and swallow, easy right? Definitely. Some may not like raspberries, I don't like Green Tea, I can drink it, but don't enjoy it unless I put like 8 sweeteners in it and even then that's just... stupid. Besides the point, it speeds up your metabolism and I cannot stress this enough, EAT RIGHT and TRAIN! Don't work out, TRAIN, go to a gym, train! Combine a clean diet and training program and you will, I guarantee, you will burn body fat and build lean muscle. No matter if you're male or female it works (oh and ladies, lifting weights doesn't make you look like Arnold Schwarzenegger, you would need insane amounts of steroids, gh & testo before you start "looking like a man", including resistance training will get you on the path to getting a body like Michelle Lewin, Justine Moore, Jenny Pacey etc). You won't "look in the mirror" and expect to just see that belly drop off the next day, week or month unless you put the work in. Just because you can't physically see a change from taking Raspberry Ketone, Green Tea, Omega 3's etc doesn't mean they don't work; they work away internally. It goes on on the inside of you. It helps aid micro nutrients. Do some research, proper research before you right it off. Don't go into all these cardio bunny and fad diet websites either. Ask the experts, go to the BodyPower expo, check out/contact some pro athletes in the fitness industry (I recommend USN, look them up on facebook & twitter). Honestly ladies and gents, it does work. *I am not claiming to be an expert or a nutritionist, I can recommend from my personal experience whilst sharing opinions and experiences of those around me who also train and eat a healthy diet. I also have a level 2 in fitness and chasing my level 3 in personal training. Thank you for reading. (Posted on 28/01/2013)

  7. 4 stars
    Review by James T

    Weight loss. Been taking these for nearly a month and lost 1 stone so far along with calorie controlled diet. Not too sure about appetite suppressant though (Posted on 03/12/2012)

  8. 5 stars
    Review by Anna

    I bought this to try as an additional suppliment to working out in the gym. I got this 2 weeks into starting at the gym. I have taken it daily. A month into taking Zipvit Raspberry Ketone- 6 wks into my gym when they weighed me I was over 2 stone lighter, lost 6 inches off waist and 3 inches off my hips. I know it could just be the exercise but I believe this helps! (Posted on 07/11/2012)

  9. 5 stars
    Review by angus clayton

    helps fight the fat, make sure you eat food before taking,, good weight loss from these (Posted on 25/01/2012)

  10. 5 stars
    Review by MARIA STANNARD

    For losing weight, these really do work, I take 2 each day, when I stopped them for a while, I did put the weight back on, but now much more in control, and lost 10lbs in about 3 weeks, with calorific control also. (Posted on 21/10/2011)

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